Tools, games and other stuff we made!

Fantasy Location Generator

A quick tool to generate a fantasy location with its landmarks and peculiarities.

Fantasy-Slavic Names Generator

Roll a Slavic-sounding name that is completely fictional, but sounds plausible! The names are based on real Polish language rules with a mix of unreal. Both Polish and international spelling is provided.


A storytelling game for 2 or 4 people about completing a magical project. Can you finish the new, cutting-edge spell AND fix the catastrophic side-effects before the time (and funding) runs out? Download for free on itch.io and find out!

While we plan to add more fun, RPG-related stuff to the tools list, our main focus is on recording our roleplaying sessions. Check them out at actualroleplaying.com!
If you want to drop us a note about any of our tools, please use one of the methods listed in the About Us section